10 Best Comfort Anime To Soothe Your Soul

There’s nothing better than a nice, feel-good anime to relax and unwind with. Anime is usually pretty intense, with action-packed thrillers and suspenseful drama stories. While these series are exciting and fun, sometimes it’s better to just kick back and enjoy something wholesome instead. Whether it’s a cute rom-com love story or a hilarious slice-of-life … Read more

Spectre of return to austerity raises alarm in Whitehall

Whitehall officials and trade unions expressed deep concern on Thursday over the prospect of a fresh round of austerity as Liz Truss’s government promised to enforce “iron discipline” over public spending in a bid to restore its battered fiscal credibility. Despite pledges by ministers that the government would stick to existing spending plans, Whitehall insiders … Read more

CHRIS WHEELER: Lisandro Martinez is up for the challenge of stopping Erling Haaland

In the red corner, Lisandro Martinez. In the blue corner, Erling Haaland. At first glance, it looks a mismatch and one that could possibly decide Sunday’s Manchester derby at the Etihad. Haaland has monstered Premier League defences since joining City for £51.2million, scoring 11 goals in his first seven games. Throw in the Champions League, … Read more

Millions more braced as Hurricane Ian regains strength and barrels north – leaving a devastated Florida behind | US News

Hurricane Ian is gaining strength and now on course north to South Carolina after devastating a large cross-section of Florida. Emergency crews were wading through water and using boats on Thursday to rescue stranded Florida residents after the storm front tore a coast-to-coast path of destruction across the state, leaving behind deadly floodwaters, downed power … Read more

This underwater camera operates wirelessly without batteries

Enlarge / MIT engineers built a battery-free, wireless underwater camera that could help scientists explore unknown regions of the ocean, track pollution, or monitor the effects of climate change. Adam Glanzman MIT engineers have built a wireless, battery-free underwater camera, capable of harvesting energy by itself while consuming very little power, according to a new … Read more

A Creepshow game is coming from the team behind the Dread X Collections

The Dread X Collections are packages of bite-sized horror that are at least partially responsible for the recent resurgence of retro horror games, particularly of a PS1 vintage. The games featured across the five collections range from comedic through to genuinely creepy, and touch on genres ranging from first-person shooters through to point and click … Read more

PlayStation Stars launches in Canada on October 5

Earlier this year, Sony announced its ‘PlayStation Stars‘ loyalty program for players. This program is free to join and incentivizes players to tackle new challenges while playing on PlayStation consoles. Now, the experience is finally launching in Canada on October 5th. In the program, you earn rewards by completing a variety of campaigns and activities. … Read more